finished field of dipping dreams 2
Photo by Denise Sakaki

If you build your football field of dipping dreams, they will come. Oh yes, they will come with a hunger for victory...but mostly for dips and salty snacks.

How to Make a Football Field of Dips

The football field is a baking dish full of your favorite 5-star dips, with every "10 yards" represented by a different classic dip -- with "chalk marks" made of piped sour-cream. The stadium seating, meanwhile, is filled to capacity with chips, crackers, pretzels, and veggie sticks. Coaches and true students of the game may also want to add "X's and O's" made of sliced olives and thin sticks of red bell peppers.

Here's What You'll Need

Use a glass or metal dish for the field -- a solid dish gives the field stability, especially if you're transporting it. In a pinch, you could use a disposable aluminum casserole pan, but watch out! Once filled, the field is really heavy, and the aluminum pan can buckle when you pick it up.

what you'll need
Photo by Denise Sakaki

You'll also need:

  • 6 small, rectangular aluminum pans for the stadium seats
  • 4 disposable Solo party cups
  • Strips of cardboard for field dividers
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Blue painter's tape
  • A few sheets of construction paper
  • A ruler

Lay Out the Field and the Stadium Seats

You are the architect of your football field of dipping dreams. But here's a pretty good blueprint.

Empty Stadium 2
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Prepare the Dividers for the Field

Cut cardboard into strips that equal the depth and width of the baking dish. Wrap the cardboard strips in aluminum foil.

cardboard partitions wrapped in foil
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Then secure the dividers in place at "10 yard" intervals with blue painter's tape. Why painter's tape? The surface is almost like plastic, so it won't give off funky flavors or odd odors. It's also easy to remove. Once the stadium stands are in place around the dish, you won't be able to see the blue tape.

the partioned field 2
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Load in the Dips

Thick dips like hummus are good choices. Don't worry if your heavier dips press against the dividers. It won't be a problem once the whole dish is filled in.

adding dips into partioned field
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Here are the 5-star dips we used:

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Mark the Field of Play

To chalk the field, add sour cream to a plastic baggie. Then cut out the tip of one corner of the bag with scissors. Twist the bag, and pipe on the field markings.

Sour Cream Bag for Field Markings
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Prepare the Stadium Seating

Not to get too meta, but a big game without stands full of fans is like 100 yards of dips without dippers. To ensure a capacity crowd, create a tiered seating set-up with construction paper held in place with blue painter's tape. Place the larger divider in back so you can pile the snacks up higher.

What you'll need for the stadium seating
Photo by Denise Sakaki

Add Snacks to the Stadium Seating

Add chips, crackers, bagel crisps, and tiny toasts to the rectangular pans. Fill the Solo cups with breadsticks and carrot, celery, and bell pepper sticks. Then arrange the stadium.

Stadium Seated Prepped with Snacks
Photo by Denise Sakaki

And Let the Game Begin!

You can almost hear the roar of the crowd. And remember, double-dipping draws a flag and an unsportsmanlike-dipper penalty every time!

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