Magnum Is Making a Double Red Velvet Ice Cream

Red velvet x2.

magnum double red velvet ice cream
Photo: @Candyhunting and Unilever

A new year is upon us, but little about daily life has changed. Though many of us may currently be hoping to cut out ice cream simply because the calendar tells us it's time to turn over a new leaf, the reality is that an increasing number of us are (or will be) stuck at home with little to do beyond continue to gorge ourselves on the sweet treats and comfort foods that helped us survive 2020.

Maybe in an effort to raise the bar after nine months of indulgent eating, it looks like Magnum has developed a new ice cream offering that doubles down on one of the most decadent tastes around. We're not just talking about red velvet, but Double Red Velvet.

So how does Magnum plan to increase its red velvet output by 100%? As alleged in an Instagram post from @CandyHunting, this particular flavor will involve cheesecake ice cream with a red ganache swirl, red velvet cake crunch, plus white chocolate in a white chocolate shell. Oh, and it's Belgian chocolate to boot.

For now, it looks like this Double Red Velvet flavor will primarily (or only) be available as a pint. In the past, Magnum has served up Red Velvet in the form of its signature ice cream bars, so hopefully they'll find a way to convert double red velvet into that more portable form of ice cream someday soon.

As of now, there's no word on when this might hit shelves, but @CandyHunting notes that the info comes direct from Magnum itself, so you know that this Double Red Velvet dream isn't some figment of your imagination.

So even if you plan to eat a little bit more mindfully in 2021, make sure you save some room for ice cream. Because much like a double rainbow, Double Red Velvet probably isn't the kind of thing you see every day.

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