Here Are All the Funniest Tweets From this Whole M&M Spokescandy Debacle

Or should we say the Ma&Ya's debacle?

M&M's Cast of Characters
Photo: M&M's

If you've missed the whole M&M spokescandies mess, let us fill you in.

Early last week, M&M's announced that it's putting an "indefinite pause" on its spokescandies, the colorful, talking M&M's that represent the brand, so the candies could pursue other passions. The candy brand cited the infamous Green M&M shoe debate that occurred in 2022—referring to the Green M&M switching her high-heeled boots for sneakers—as a main reason.

"We get it — even a candy's shoes can be polarizing. Which was the last thing M&M's wanted," the brand said in a statement.

As the M&M's spokescandies stepped away from their duties, a new spokesperson arose to take their place: the beloved Maya Rudolph.

M&Ms Spokescandy Announcement

Rudolph, now M&M's Chief of Fun, will make her debut as the spokesperson during M&M's Super Bowl LVII commercial.

The good news is the spokescandies aren't actually gone for good and will make an exciting comeback during M&M's Super Bowl commercial.

"While the iconic M&M'S characters are in fact spending some time pursuing their other passions in the lead-up to the game, consumers will ultimately see the story resolve during the Super Bowl, with the characters right where they belong at the heart of the brand. Rest assured, the characters are our official long-term spokescandies," according to an M&M's spokesperson.

The brand vaguely alluded to this buzzy buildup in a December 2022 press release announcing it was returning to the Super Bowl ad line-up after a one-year hiatus.

"[The commercial] will be just one part of an extensive, immersive campaign throughout the month surrounding Super Bowl," according to the press release.

The news that the M&M's spokecandies are only taking a break for a few more weeks until the Eagles face off against the Chiefs did not stop the internet from blowing up over the original announcement. That's why we couldn't help but share these hilarious tweets after people found out the spokescandies had been let go.

Maya's in charge now! From now until the spokescandies return, M&M's shall be referred to as Ma&Ya's.

No need to fret, it seems the Yellow M&M was able to find new employment quickly. Snickers, another Mars Wrigley brand, scooped up the talented spokescandy for its own fun ad.

Following in M&M's footsteps, A&W announced a comical change to its "controversial" spokesbear Rooty the Great Root Bear. The once pants-less Rooty is seen donning jeans in the statement saying he will wear pants from now on.

However, A&W later tweeted that the statement was a joke and Rooty will not be sporting any more denim.

Maya Rudolph is great, but Danny DeVito already has some practice as an M&M spokescandy from his 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

Breaux Mart, a Louisiana grocery store, joined in on the fun by sharing a comical statement on behalf of the entire state of Louisiana. Don't worry, Allrecipes has some delicious New Orleans grandmother-approved gumbo recipes in our arsenal.

If you didn't know the M&M's had job titles, now you do. And yes, it is slightly weird, but if you think about it, what else would you call talking candy?

This satirical take on the M&M's statement has a point—but, come on, who doesn't love that Santa x M&M's commercial?

No one is safe from the Pete Davidson dating rumors, not even the Green M&M.

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