By Isadora Baum

Pour a bowl of these fun flavors.

General Mills' Lucky Charms can do no wrong — those tasty marshmallows are just too cute and sweet. But for the holidays, the iconic cereal brand just brought back a limited-edition flavor for winter: Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms, which features festive marshmallows that resemble snowmen, snowballs, and snowflakes amongst cinnamon and vanilla-frosted oat cereal pieces.

Photo: General Mills

This cereal was on the market a few years back, but in case you missed it, you can get your hands on a box or two once again. These Lucky Charms will be at major retail locations, like Target, this month. A midsize box is $2.50, and the family size box is $3.99.

And while you're in the market for tasty cereals, General Mills is also bringing back another holiday favorite—the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal. Think of it as a holiday sugar cookie doused in milk for each delicious spoonful. Yum!

If you're having trouble hunting down these special boxes, you can always grab General Mills' brand-new limited-edition Cheerios flavor, Toasted Coconut, which will hit stores in November with a suggested retail price of $2.99 a box. While it might not scream, "holiday" like the others do, it's definitely appropriate for those who holiday in the tropics (or at least wish they did).

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