Candy Land Gets a Lucky Charms-Inspired Makeover

The same classic board game, now cereal-themed.

Remember Candy Land? The colorful board you may recall from childhood did a good job of transporting you to a bright realm of sweets, but it's the kind of game that's quickly abandoned once you realize there's literally zero strategy involved.

Now, a new collaboration between General Mills and Hasbro looks like a tasty spin on the beloved board game for a new generation. That's right: Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, we'll be blessed with Lucky's Charmworld by Candy Land, a new riff on the classic card-drawing board game. This time around, you'll play as those damn kids who are always after Lucky's charms, hoping to traverse through the Hearty Pines, Clove Field, and Rainbow Ridge on the way to the pot of proverbial gold that the leprechaun mascot has been hoarding all these years.

The biggest change is that Lucky's Magic Charms will take the place of the cards named for specific locations on the board, which moves players either forwards or backwards. Whoever collects the most of those cards is the "luckiest" player, earning the right to go first next time around. It's not exactly a wholesale reinvention of a game whose primary required skill is "color recognition," but maybe you can pair that by eating specific marshmallows from the cereal that gives this spin on the game its name.

lucky charms candyland game
Lucky Charms

Speaking of which, General Mills is pairing this year's St. Patrick's day celebrations with new, limited-edition boxes of Lucky Charms full of magic clovers capable of turning your milk green. They're also coming out with Lucky Charms-themed "Jibbitz" you can put on your Crocs, a shoe that I'm sure has enjoyed a renaissance during a year where few people can see what we're wearing on our feet.

But more importantly than any of that is the chance to own a Lucky Charms-inspired take on Candy Land. You'll find that available at the cereal's online shop for pre-order now, with orders expected to ship on March 1. Who knows how long it'll keep kids entertained, but I imagine parents could use all the help they can get right about now.

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