It's time to stock up on cast iron.
Lodge Loaf Pan with baked bread
Credit: Lodge

Heeding COVID-19 guidelines, Americans are staying home right now, and that's leading many of us to cook a lot more than we were just a few weeks ago. Also, you can't be on Instagram these days and not realize more people are making bread than, perhaps, ever. Bread making makes sense, of course. It can be hard to get to the store regularly to stock up on a fresh loaf, and bread is also a fun baking project when you're isolating at home.

To keep America both cooking and baking in top-quality products, Lodge Cast Iron is giving us a treat with discounts on their most popular products, including their bread-baking products. Lodge Cast Iron is all made in the USA (in South Pittsburg, Tenn., to be exact), and they're a go-to brand for many cooks, both home and professional.

Now through April 6, Lodge is offering 15 percent off bread-baking products, like the Cast Iron Loaf Pan (now $14) and 5-Quart Double Dutch Oven (now $47). The beautiful and highly reviewed enamel-coated dutch ovens are also on sale right now, as part of the bread-baking discount. You can get this royal blue, six-quart one for just over $78, marked down from $92, or this iconic red dutch oven in a 4.5-quart size for $68, originally $80. (The enamel-coated cast iron collection is made in China.)

Lodge is also offering free shipping site-wide through April 8. And if you want a fire and cook stand for your campfire kitchen set-up, now is the time to buy, as you will get a free fire and cook stand with a purchase from the Lodge Cook-it-All collection. This offer begins April 9 and lasts through April 16.

Pretty sweet discount to check out now, right? Almost as sweet as that cinnamon raisin loaf you're planning to cook up this weekend.