These Loaded Potato Chips are Outrageously Addictive

I firmly believe that potato chips are the ultimate junk food. It's a tug of war between bliss and disgust any time I eat them; the heavenly crunch always at odds with the greasy film on my fingers. I'm always looking for a good excuse to pop open a bag and nosh, so I've created a few chip-takes on popular recipes!

Don't Be Afraid To Get Creative

Think out of the box when coming up with recipes. How can you recreate your favorite foods with chips? Flavored kettle chips are a great way to add a fun dimension to your final dish.

  • Love sushi? All you need are wasabi-flavored chips, bonito flakes and flavored nori. Top with a drizzle of your favorite sushi sauce.
  • Go gourmet with a take on pasta carbonara: Sprinkle bacon and Parmesan cheese on your chips. Bake and top with ground black pepper and finely grated cured egg yolk.

Before you get started, here are a few rules to chip by:

  1. Kettle chips are a must; they hold up to any toppings.
  2. Dried ingredients are preferable. You don't want your chips getting soggy
  3. Zap it in the oven to finish!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to put a chip on it!

Pesto Chips

This is probably the simplest way to transform the usual pesto pasta into a crunchy snack. I used dried and fresh basil for this recipe, but if you don't have fresh, up the amount of dried basil. You'll still get that classic pesto flavor.

Pesto Chip
Photo by AR Cally.

Dirty Chips

Though you could use regular kettle-style chips for this recipe, I highly recommend the pepperoncini-flavored ones. The seasoning has a bit of sweetness that helps bring the whole bacon-y, cheesy dish together. You won't be able to stop eating these!

Dirty Chips
Photo by AR Cally.

Potato chips will take your tuna melt to the next level.

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