How to Turn Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes Into the Easiest Truffles Ever

The easiest, tastiest cake truffles are ready in seconds thanks to this fun hack.

We all know the best part of the holidays is the special, seasonal treats that it brings with it. One of our favorites here at Allrecipes is Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes, adorable confections made from two layers of soft cake with frosting in the middle, and a festive frosting coating. When you think about it, those are all the components of cake pops, too.

So our scheming minds got to work, and we figured out how to adapt one of our most popular cake pop recipes and ditch the cake and frosting entirely for the easiest, 1-ingredient swap: Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes. That's right, you can make the easiest, cutest holiday cake pops without even turning your oven on. Here's how.

How to Turn Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes Into Cake Pops

First things first, Christmas Tree Cakes. You can use chocolate or vanilla, but we opted for the original vanilla. Put six whole cakes in a stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, or use a bowl and spatula to mix them until you have a moist, uniform mixture. The frosting and cake should be completely incorporated. Use a small cookie scoop or your hands to portion the mixture into about 12 cake balls, rolling in between your palms until round.

Place the cake balls to the side or in the fridge to chill. Melt a 14-ounce bag of chocolate candy melts in the microwave, working in 30-second increments until the chocolate is totally melted. If you like a little mint with your chocolate, you can add a few drops of peppermint extract to the chocolate at this point.

Now you face a choice: truffles or pops? You can leave these cake balls as truffles, or use lollipop sticks (grab these at your local craft store) or candy canes to turn them into cake pops. If you use candy canes, you're going to want to break off the curved cane part or use candy cane sticks. Hot tip: To make the cake pops hold together better, dip the end of the stick or candy cane in a little chocolate before sticking it into the cake pop.

Finally, dip the cake pops into the melted chocolate, and while the chocolate coating is still wet, sprinkle some holiday sprinkles or crushed candy canes on top. Place on a wax paper-lined sheet tray or, if you want them perfectly round, stick the sticks into a styrofoam block (also from the craft store) to dry upright. That's what the bakery pros do!

Holiday cake pops made from Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes
Dotdash Meredith

Allow them to set in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened, and that's it! A few ingredients, less than an hour, and some holiday sprinkles, and you've got the cutest desserts on any holiday party table. Plus, kids absolutely love them. What can't Little Debbie do?!

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