Is there any treat that says summer more than s'mores? Okay, ice cream, you've got us there. Allow us to rephrase: is there any treat that says summer, slash camping season more than s'mores? We think not. But, what if you're not around a campfire—[cough] bingwatchingsomethignlayingonyourcouch—and you have a craving? Excellent news! Little Debbie is coming to your rescue with their new S'mores Cake Rolls.

These Little Debbie S'mores Cake Rolls are available for the summer only, so act quickly!

Let that sink in for just second—s'mores…that's cake…that's just for you. Yellow cake gets rolled up with s'mores-flavored cream, then drizzled with chocolate to give you the most smore-y smore's experience. YUM. And they're just hanging out for the summer, then it's back to no-smore's season, so act fast! Because we're thinking there's no other treat that says, Oh, yeahhhh, more than these delightful little confections.

Here are a few more ways to get your s'mores fix away from the campfire.

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