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July 14, 2015

Get ready to see chocolate cake in a whole new way!

Garbanzo beans create a cake that is both moist and delicious -- plus gluten free. You'll be amazed how good a flourless chocolate cake can be. And garbanzo beans and eggs give it a surprisingly delicious protein punch.

They call it black magic because its full of rich dark chocolate and is delicious beyond explanation -- try it and you'll see!

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Too much chocolate? Or just enough? Some call this the best chocolate cake ever, and we're inclined to believe them.

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Chocolate cake is the most delicious way to use up loads of zucchini. "This is a moist, fudgy cake," says Sandy. "Sweet but not extremely sweet. Frost it with chocolate frosting or cream cheese icing."

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This rich dark chocolate cake is so good, you could go without the frosting. "Absolutely FABULOUS chocolate cake," raves Carriel. "Not too heavy, not to light... and it's so quick and easy to make!"

Dark Chocolate Cake I | Photo by Grace Y.

Here's a completely vegan chocolate cake that will thrill everyone, vegan or not. "A really simple, yet very tasty cake," says Sue. "You can use rice flour or something other than wheat."

Vegan Chocolate Cake | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

"This is a great cake," says Sabrina. "The cinnamon is the perfect touch. It is not your typical cake."

Mexican Chocolate Cake | Photo by LYNNINMA

"This is liteally better than anything else in existence -- ever!" raves Gallifreyan Chef. "I've made it for my birthday, for parties, for others, and just because I feel like having chocolate, and it always pleases."

G.G.'s Chocolate Sheet Cake | Photo by KGora

Soft tofu and brewed coffee are the secret ingredients in this no-guilt chocolate cake recipe! "This chocolate cake is warm, yummy, and guilt-free," says Jessica. "No workout required to burn off those cake calories!"

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This delicious German chocolate cake consists of three dense layers of moist, chocolatey cake separated by a chewy caramel filling of coconut and pecans. The whole thing is then drizzled with chocolate.

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