Libby's Pumpkin Wants to Make Thanksgiving Meals for One That Include a Whole Pie

You just have to help them go viral first.

Libby's small thanksgiving
They want to give you small food but a big pie. Photo: Libby's Pumpkin

By now, it might be occurring to you that Thanksgiving is going to be a bit smaller. Travel's going to be stressful, retailers are prepping smaller birds … In short, there's a lot of reason to believe that whoever's in charge of dinner on November 26, 2020 will be cooking less food than they normally would. But if you ask Libby's Pumpkin, a smaller Thanksgiving is no excuse to skimp on the portion of pumpkin pie that's served. And to prove it, they're considering giving away some Thanksgiving single-serve meal kits that place the emphasis squarely on dessert. Seriously: This single-serve meal gives you an entire pumpkin pie. Oh, I guess you'll find some white meat turkey, seasoned stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy in there too.

Because food brands like to pull stunts on social media to get attention, Libby's says they'll actually create this (frankly impractical) if the tweet you see above racks up 100,000 retweets by November 20, Libby's will actually produce and distribute this nutritionally imbalance meal kit to lucky winners. As of this writing, it only needs 99,995 more retweets to get there.

So if you for whatever reason want a pumpkin pie and some tiny Thanksgiving foods that look like the kind of thing you might get served on an airplane, smash that RT button. It's easier than voting in the election (which you should also probably do today if you haven't already), and I think we all deserve a bit of pumpkin pie right about now.

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