I'm almost never inspired by TV commercials for chain restaurants, but for Applebee's clever new All Day Brunch Burger got me thinking about trying to recreate this hot mess of a sandwich at home.

Brunch Biscuit Burger
This DIY Brunch Burger features a buttermilk biscuit and morning meatloaf. Photo by Leslie Kelly

I've always been a fan of putting an egg on top of just about anything, including burgers and that's the big selling point of Applebee's burger. Oh, and plus, the bacon bits embedded in the ground beef patty and hash browns tucked in between the buns. Pretty darned brilliant. But I could do better.

OK, that sounds like bragging, but I can't help being proud of a recipe I cooked up to feed a bunch of friends I invited over for brunch. I discovered that I was short on breakfast sausage, so I channeled my grandmother and stretched my paltry ingredients to come up with a Breakfast Meatloaf, swapping out the typical tomato sauce and using a little bit of buttermilk to moisten the panko breadcrumbs. That meatloaf would be genius in a Brunch Burger, right?

I made biscuits, using the tried-and-true recipe from the Clabber Girl baking powder tin, using tips for shaping the dough that I picked up from Art Stone at Honest Biscuits in Seattle. To that fluffy biscuit, I added a ripe tomato from the farmers market. Sriracha-spiked mayo added some heat, and the crispy hash brown cake gives the sandwich a bit of crunch. The pickiest eater in my household — my clean-eating, workout-loving husband — gave the Brunch Burger a big, yolk-stained thumbs up. Check out the GIF for step-by-step guide in building this sandwich.