By Vanessa Greaves

If you're lost for words, just leave it to romantic chocolate to get your message across. Why? Because talk is talk, but chocolate is sweet science. Here's proof.

Truffles aka Sweet Science Nuggets

Photo by larkspur

Pictured: Basic Truffles

Chocolate Speaks Louder Than Words

Chocolate-lovers will be glad to know science says chocolate really is the secret to happiness. How? Because eating chocolate does more than just pleasure your taste buds with its rich flavor and melting texture. (Although that's pretty darn good right there.) But it also affects your behavior by releasing a flood of feel-good neurotransmitters including stress-reducing endorphins, mood-boosting serotonin, and pleasure-seeking dopamine. Can mere sweet talk do all that? So, go on and let chocolate do the talking for you.

How to Speak Chocolate

Learn how to make Easy Decadent Truffles.

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