Plus, they are only $10.

By Nichole Aksamit
July 31, 2020
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Lekue Tropical Fruit Shaped Silicone Ice Cream Molds
Credit: Williams Sonoma

I'm a grown woman. I don't have kids. And I don't usually go gaga over ice pops. But I'm slightly obsessed with these LéKué Tropical Fruit Shaped Silicone Ice Pop Molds ($10; Williams Sonoma). And not just for making ice pops!

They're awesome for turning that last little bit of juice, yogurt, or lemonade and fruit into a cool treat, or for molding your own custom ice cream bars. Their lidded lay-flat design makes it easy to artfully arrange fruit, herbs, or other mix-ins and to stack them neatly in the freezer. And unmolding is a cinch: Just peel back the silicone mold, and you have a perfectly detailed pop with defined edges.

But what I really love? You can use them for so much more than ice pops! The pineapple is a universal symbol of hospitality. And wouldn’t a pineapple-shaped puck of herbed butter next to a platter of grilled sweet corn make you feel right at home? How about a lemon-shaped, honey-and-lemon-infused cream cheese for the bagel bar? Just pack your mold, freeze until firm, unmold onto a plate, and store covered in the fridge until serving time.

Lekue Tropical Fruit Shaped Silicone Ice Cream Molds
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Buy it: LéKué Tropical Fruit Shaped Silicone Ice Pop Molds, $10; Williams Sonoma

These molds also work well for making pretty ice for a drink dispenser—simply freeze water or juice in the molds, along with edible flowers, fruit slices, or fresh mint leaves (and leave out the stick, of course).

You could even use them to make a Hawaiian chocolate pineapple for a fruit bouquet or a tropical-themed gift: Pour melted chocolate over bits of dried pineapple, chopped macadamia nuts, and coconut curls in the molds, then unmold after chilling. Lately, I've been using them to make slow-melting mega-ice cubes for lemonade pitchers and tiki cocktails. That's a whole lotta fun for a little bit of silicone.

Whatever you put in them, they clean up in the dishwasher, and mine usually make the dishwasher-to-freezer loop without ever stopping at the cupboard. It’s just as easy to pour some water or lemonade in them and tuck them back in the freezer. What’s more, they’re now just $10 for a set (two pineapples and two melon/citrus fruit slices) at Williams Sonoma, so you can afford to buy one for yourself and a friend.

Other varieties I just might have to add to my very grown-up ice pop mold collection: