Cheetos and Funyuns flavors may also be on deck.

Over the past year of sheltering in place, there's been something of a snacking renaissance afoot. That'll happen when there isn't much else to do besides sit on the couch, I suppose. Though our gradual reintegration back into society means there'll be fewer opportunities to shamelessly stuff our faces in 2021 without fear of judgment, our benevolent chip overlords have at least found a way to make that snacking a bit wackier whenever we do indulge. 

How's that? Well, Lay's may be incorporating some of the flavors of other chips in the broader Frito-Lay brand portfolio to make something totally new. In this case, that means your standard Lay's chips could be available in Doritos Cool Ranch and Cheeto's Cheese flavors, plus a Wavy Lays meant to mimic the distinct taste of Funyuns. Crazy stuff! 

As you can see from some of what @CandyHunting has shared on Instagram, Lays really is just making chip-flavored chips, if you really stop and think about it. 

To be honest, it's remarkable that Frito-Lay hasn't tried to pull off this sort of mashup before, given how many different iconic varieties of chips they have to work with. Maybe they just got inspired by the recent trend towards cereal mashups, and figured that sort of collaborative energy should be carried into things we eat at other times of the day. 

Whatever the rationale for turning Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns into Lay's, the brand's thinking has certainly attracted our snacking attention. @Candyhunting could only confirm that these limited-time flavors would be out later in 2021, with Target among the (likely many) retailers who will have bags of this bold concept on hand. For their part, Target appears to have taken down the early postings, which may mean word got out a little too soon.

So if you've ever dreamed of tasting a chip that tasted like another chip, well, that very specific dream is going to come true very soon. Because at the end of these strange times, we all deserve some chip-flavord chips.