Please pass the rolls.
Land O'Lakes Cinnamon-Sugar Butter
Credit: Land O'Lakes

Growing up, one of my favorite treats for an afternoon snack was a piece of toast slathered in butter and sprinkled with a mix of cinnamon and sugar. My mom even went so far as to make a little shaker of cinnamon and sugar mixed together for the most convenient sprinkling. Now, Land O'Lakes has taken it one step further, with their Cinnamon-Sugar Butter Spread that contains all the essential elements of this snack.

The spread has been around for several years, but you'd be forgiven if you've overlooked it in years past. It comes in a super convenient tub and is easily spreadable so you don't have to smash your toast trying to get the butter to spread out evenly (the enemy of all well-buttered toast, as we all know).

It would be perfect on biscuits or rolls, of course. But we can't help but wonder about using it in pie crusts or maybe even in cookies. Snickerdoodles with even more cinnamon-sugar flavor? Yes, please.

Currently, Walmart has the cinnamon-sugar spread available online for about $2 a tub. Now the only question is what kind of bread goes best with this spread. Perhaps a slice of pumpkin spice swirl bread?