There's even a dash of glitter for good measure!
Kaleidos Unicorn Cookies
Credit: Kroger

Kaleidos, Kroger's store-brand cookie line that's similar to Oreos, has a new product whose sparkle is sure to catch your eye: Unicorn flavored cookies.

The Kaleidos Unicorn Cookies feature two mauve cookie pieces sandwiched together with a colorful filling flavored like "magical confetti cake batter." Then the dessert is made extra decadent with the addition of sparkly blue sugar crystals that resemble glitter.

Sold in a package covered with swirling pinks, blues, purples, and a friendly-looking unicorn, these fantastical cookies make a great snack or dessert to pep up any child's (or adult's) lunchbox.

The Kaleidos Unicorn Cookies are sold at Krogers nationwide for $2.79, and they're also available for online ordering but you'll have to get two packs of cookies minimum.

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