Anyone With a Covid Vaccine Can Get Free Krispy Kreme All Year

Flash that vax pass, receive a doughnut — every day.

At this point in 2020, food brands like Krispy Kreme were going out of their way to provide healthcare workers and other essential heroes with free or discounted foods to help them cope with the unprecedented stress of the pandemic's early days. Now that we're (hopefully) closer to the end of Covid-19 than its beginning, we'll no doubt start seeing deals and promos aimed at those who've done their part to get vaccinated.

Among the first of those offers: Krispy Kreme wants anyone with a valid vaccination card to come in and claim a free glazed doughnut. Between now and the end of 2021 (yes, a whole nine-plus months), anyone in the US who comes into a Krispy Kreme can come in and grab a free Original Glazed doughnut when they flash that CDC card you've started seeing all over social media.

The move makes sense for the doughnut shop after its 2020 response to the pandemic. Starting at the end of last March, Krispy Kreme let healthcare workers pick up dozens of free glazed doughnuts every Monday. A year later, they'll be delivering free doughnuts to vaccinations centers across the country, and Krispy Kreme employees will get four hours of extra paid time off to go get vaccinated.

What makes this offer even more special is that it sounds like it's not a one-time deal, either. A press release notes that the free doughnut with proof of vaccination offer is valid "anytime, any day, even every day" throughout 2021, so you definitely deserve a doughnut with both of your two shots. And if you're somehow on the fence about vaccination, maybe the potential for more than nine months of free doughnuts (in addition to, you know, travel, getting rid of the masks, etc.) is enough to sway you.

So whether you're already vaccinated, waiting on your appointment, or scouring pharmacies and vax sites for doses that might go to waste, just know that free glazed doughnuts await you on the other side. It's sure to make a moment you've been waiting a year for just that much sweeter.

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