And they're doing it in the most adorable way possible.
A letterboard says Special Delivery 02 29 20 and has three doughnuts in front of it
Credit: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is in the business of making dreams come true. Last week, they announced new doughnuts in partnership with Butterfinger. Today, they're revealing plans to expand their doughnut delivery service starting this Saturday. (The brand originally launched limited online ordering and delivery in 2018.) And what's more, they're doing some good with their first delivery days.

To celebrate Leap Day and mark the occasion of their nationwide delivery launch, Krispy Kreme is rolling out free doughnut dozens to hospitals, new parents, and their Leap Day babies. Cheers to all those February 29th babies! Any hospitals within 10 miles of most Krispy Kreme shops can post on Instagram and Twitter when a Leap Day baby is born (be sure to tag @KrispyKreme and use #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery), and the doughnut shop will send a dozen sweet celebrations your way.

If you're not planning to have a baby this weekend, you can still get a delivery of your very own. Just head to Krispy Kreme's online shop to order fresh, mouth-watering doughnuts and delights that can be delivered straight to your doorstep whenever that sweet tooth strikes. Doughnuts on demand? Yes, please!

Krispy Kreme National Delivery_Baby
Credit: Krispy Kreme

"Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery is pretty sweet, and so are Leap Day babies. Using 2020's extra day to make the leap to national delivery, while celebrating Leap Day babies, will be a fun moment for our brand and fans," Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme, said in a statement.

Here's to an extra day in the year — and an extra day to enjoy fresh doughnuts!