Don't miss the three-day Chocolate Glazed Wonderland event in honor of the new doughnut collection.


From now until December 24, you can head to Krispy Kreme for its brand new, limited-time Holiday Doughnut Collection, with awesome takes on holiday classics that seem too good to be true. (But aren't — luckily!)

The collection includes tasty treats like Santa Belly Doughnut, Present Doughnut, and Reindeer Doughnut. The names alone, without even considering the tasty flavors, are sure to get you in the holiday spirit fast.

What are they like? The new Original Glazed "Reindeer Doughnut" is dipped in chocolate icing, and it has pretzel antlers and a red nose to look like Santa's favorite reindeer. The "Santa Belly Doughnut" is a Chocolate Kreme-filled doughnut inspired by Santa (duh). Lastly, the "Present Doughnut" is a holiday-adorned Original Glazed Doughnut that is filled with Original Kreme.

But wait — it gets better! Krispy Kreme will also be extending their monthly Chocolate Friday into a major three-day opportunity to grab some goodies in honor of the launch of their new Chocolate Glazed Wonderland Doughnut Collection.

The collection will be available December 6 through 8 at participating locations across the U.S., so be sure to be on the lookout for stores near you. As for the four wonderful flavors, you can expect Chocolate Glazed Doughnut; Chocolate Glazed Original Filled, in Original Kreme; Chocolate Glazed Original Filled, in Cake Batter; and Chocolate Glazed Original Filled, in Double Chocolate.

Now, don't forget to grab some doughnuts on your way to shop for gifts and chop down your trees.