Krispy Kreme's Valentine's Day "Dough-Notes" Are Love Letters to Your Tummy

It's like a card and a gift at the same time.

Just like most other holidays worth celebrating, Valentine's Day is normally a time where folks spend some time with the people in their lives they love (in every sense of the word). February 14 will obviously function a little differently this year, whether you've spent almost every waking moment for the past 10 months with your partner or just miss family members or close friends.

The one thing that hasn't changed, thankfully, is the fact that food still functions as a way to our hearts. And thanks to something new Krispy Kreme has cooking up, you can send all your loving in the form of doughnuts. In recognition of the fact that we'll be doing more remote communication this Valentine's Day, Krispy Kreme's letting folks send "Dough-Notes" thanks to a new dozen box made to look like a postmarked letter that just so happens to have some very precious cargo inside.

krispy kreme valentine's day dough-notes box
Krispy Kreme

Appropriately enough, you can fill your box of "Dough-Notes" with some new heart-shaped treats that use the doughnut as a canvas for expressing some of Valentine's Day's other familiar flavors. The offering's broken down into four flavors who each take their name from the filling you'll find inside; the Sprinkled Heart, Sugar Cookie Heart, Strawberries & Kream Heart, and Chocolate Caramel Heart each represent the four major Valentine's Day food groups, so ordering a dozen of these is almost like a variety pack by itself.

Fittingly, these Dough-Notes are available for online delivery. If you add a custom note when you check out, it's basically like you're combining a card and a gift into one perfect, partially edible package.

You'll find these V-Day Dough-Notes at participating Krispy Kreme stores now. But while love may be timeless, these certainly won't be around forever, so don't wait to let that special doughnut lover in your life know how you feel.

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