Noods, not nudes.
kraft mac and cheese send noods
Credit: Kraft

Starting today, Kraft Mac & Cheese is offering its fans a chance to "send noods" to their loved ones. That's noods, not nudes. We've seen a lot of weird stuff this year from brands, but it looks like Kraft is going to win them all.

All you have to do is go to or respond to @kraftmacncheese on Twitter through October 11. You'll be able to send a box to yourself or a loved one.

Honestly, whoever came up with this deserves a raise. Flowers and cards are tired, and what purpose do they serve? I would much rather receive a box of Kraft from a loved one. At least that gets me one step closer to a dinner that only requires about five minutes of cooking. Isn't that pretty much the biggest gift you can give someone in 2020?

This ad campaign, which went live with the hashtag #SendNoods also includes a commercial featuring the very funny Vanessa Bayer in an ad where she says "send noods" about 100 times, trying to make the distinction between "send noods" and "send nudes." (It's pretty low hanging fruit, but it is also quite funny.)

If I don't receive at least one box of macaroni and cheese in the mail, I'm going to be mad, because the boxes are free. All you have to do is go online and complete the order form, which gives you the option of getting a coupon for a free box of macaroni and cheese, or mailing one for free to a loved one. So, as Vanessa Bayer says, "Send noods early and often to everyone."