Finally, something for everyone.

Having gluten intolerance must suck. Think about it: you can't really drink beer, your options for baked goods are crappy and limited (unless your brother is Great British Baking Show contestant Peter Sawkins), and—worst of all—you can't experience the joy of Kraft's boxed macaroni and cheese. 

Well, it seems like there's at least some good news in 2020 after all, because Kraft's now made a gluten-free formulation of their classic blue box of Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. The winning combination of noodles and cheesy powder that only needs some water to transform into gold has been reformulated to meet the FDA's gluten free standards. 

So what's the secret? It doesn't sound like Kraft reinvented the (pasta) wheel as much as they found a workable substitute for gluten. Specifically, the traditional wheat flour used in their macaroni has been swapped out for a brown rice and corn-based pasta that the brand claims is "just as smooth and deliciously cheese as the original fans know and love."

gluten-free kraft macaroni and cheese made with corn and brown rice
Credit: Kraft

The world of gluten-free pasta eaters isn't some tiny niche, either. According to the FDA, an estimated three million Amerians have celiac disease, which makes gluten verboten. That number may have even increased since May 2018, and it doesn't take into account the number of people who skip gluten for other (real or imaginary) dietary reasons. While the gluten intolerant among us could've theoretically bought themselves a bunch of mac and cheese powder to sprinkle on their own gluten free pasta, the combination of Kraft's borderline addictive cheese additive with actually non-gluten pasta is a big win. 

So if you live in a household with one gluten-intolerant individual or you yourself have been made to feel like the odd one out at dinner time, the fact that Kraft's famous blue box can now accommodate celiac sufferers is a big win for zero-gluten inclusion. Say whatever you will about this reformulated pasta, but as long as they didn't touch that cheese, this should probably taste just fine.