Kool-Aid is offering goodies for a reverse trick-or-treat promotion.
This year, the Kool-Aid man is coming to your house to celebrate Halloween.
| Credit: Kool-Aid

For millions of Americans, most of 2020 has been little more than a waking nightmare, full of anxiety and existential horror that Halloween could only dream of. Not even the candy-driven holiday itself has been spared from the pandemic, with CDC guidelines recommending that many American families abandon trick or treating in favor of home-bound alternatives. 

But what if there was a way for families to "reverse trick-or-treat" with help from a frighteningly large, anthropomorphized pitcher of juice known for showing up unexpectedly and causing property damage? For better or worse, there is. 

That's because the Kool-Aid man, that frightening mascot with a painted-on smile, will do just that this Halloween. To help kids stuck at home on what's normally one of the more fun days of the year, Kool-Aid will let fans in select cities get their hands on a sort of Halloween kit featuring Scary Berry “Ghoul-Aid" Jammers (a blackberry-flavored drink pouch), Kool-Aid popping candy, and even Kool-Aid man costumes to wear at home. 

And because the Kool-Aid man has a reputation for showing up at people's doors (or bursting through their walls), there's also the chance he'll show up to frighten your children this Halloween as well. According to a company press release, a few "lucky" winners who order Kool-Aid's reverse trick or treating kit will get a visit from the imposing mascot himself, who hopefully won't leave you needing to call a contractor by the time he departs. This is the kind of thing your kids will find either delightful or utterly terrifying, depending on their age and outlook. 

If you'd like to run the risk of a giant beverage mascot showing up at your home, you can enter on the Kool-Aid Man's Twitter account, and you can also get your hands on those items (and other Kool-Aid merch) from their website. Whether or not you're ultimately willing to integrate the Kool-Aid man and his threatening aura into your home this Halloween is up to you.