Klondike's Newest Ice Cream Donut Is Made With Coffee

Breakfast for dessert, or dessert for breakfast?

klondike wake me up coffee donut

Amid an ongoing pandemic that's inspired lockdowns and other disruptions to daily life, never before has the idea of eating ice cream for breakfast felt so universally acceptable. Perhaps it was inevitable that eventually one ice cream company or another would wise up and offer something that looks, tastes, and even functions like breakfast.

That's the seeming inspiration for Klondike's Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts, a newly launched offering that combines two popular breakfast staples into one frozen dessert. Arriving one year after Klondike's line of doughnut-inspired ice cream bars that debuted in January 2020 (in Triple Chocolate, Frosted Strawberry, and Boston Cream flavors), this new edition places coffee ice cream inside of a dark chocolate outer shell that's shaped like a (rather square) doughnut.

What's remarkable about this addition to the lineup is that it's not just made with coffee ice cream, but with coffee itself. As the box boasts, each ice cream doughnut is made with 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee. While these things may not be loaded with caffeine, you at least might want to avoid eating one right before bed to be safe.

You should start finding this particular frozen doughnut in the freezer section at nationwide retailers later in January 2021. So suck down a bunch of Dunkin's Extra Charged Coffee and get ready, because this is going to be YOUR (very caffeinated) year.

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