Klondike Unveils Sippable Shake Pouches So You Can Drink Your Dessert

It's like a Capri Sun milkshake.

Though it's probably too early to make any sweeping predictions about 2021's major food trends, early evidence suggests "convenient decadence" is the name of the game. I mean, we're about to start eating cheesecake like it's yogurt, if that's any indication.

For the latest innovation designed to deliver dessert to our mouths as efficiently as possible, we look to Klondike, who've found a way to make what amounts to a Capri Sun for milkshakes. The aptly named Klondike Shakes ("in a pouch!" as the pouch helpfully points out) provide a new, simple way to suck down a milkshake with no blending, mixing, or effort of any kind required.

new klondike shakes

So far, the recently-unveiled pouches are sold in two flavors that sound more like names for CBD (and/or THC) edibles than milkshakes: Chill Out & Vanilla and Wind Down & Chocolate. In order to enjoy the 4.7 ounces of goodness in each pouch, all you have to do is pop it out of the freezer, let it sit for a suggested three minutes, twist off the cap, and sip.

For those seeking a more conventional dessert format from Klondike, three new boxes of Klondike Cones should do the trick. Each contains a combination of two flavors (Classic Chocolate and Double Down Chocolate, Classic Chocolate and Nuts for Vanilla, and multiflavored Unicorn Dreamin' plus Vanilla Chillin), providing something good for those who prefer to hold and bite into rather than sip their ice cream. If you'd rather hew closer to the classic format of a Klondike bar, the new Wake Me Up Coffee flavor of their Ice Cream Donuts might do the trick, and the use of real coffee doesn't hurt, either.

With a pioneering milkshake format like this, there are naturally some reasons for skepticism. Can a pouch like this actually work? Will the straw clog? Will a small bit of milkshake stay trapped in the pouch, tantalizingly out of reach? We don't know yet, but you can't ascend to great heights in the ice cream world if you're worried about flying too close to the sun. I'm already excited for the Klondike ice cream funnel that should be showing up in 2022.

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