How A Whiteboard On The Fridge Can Save Your Marriage (And, Waste Less Food)


Delicious leftovers are not getting eaten because no one but you seems to know they exist.


A magnetic whiteboard for your fridge.

Whiteboard Planning 101
Photo by Karen Gaudette.

Raise your hand if this is a weekly occurrence: You cook a fabulous meal. Hell, maybe even just a pretty good meal. You tuck it in the fridge with happy anticipation: you know your spouse will be glad to devour it. But later that night...

Spouse: Man, I'm so hungry. <Dips hand back into open container of cereal>

Cook: Hey! Did you not notice the (insert name of favorite meal here) on the top shelf of the fridge? I made extra just for you.

Spouse: There's food in the fridge?

Cook: ...

Yes, there are much prettier, much fancier whiteboards, chalkboards, and messaging systems out there. But let's face it: if you're busy enough that the people you love can't seem to find food in your fridge, you want to start solving this problem sooner than later.

Let's Get Started

Step 1. Head to your favorite office supply store. Pick up a $10 magnetic whiteboard, an eraser, and a few dry-erase markers in your favorite colors.

Step 2. Stick said whiteboard on fridge.

Step 3. Draw a grid, or make a list, whatever works best for you. Consider your goals: I typically want to communicate a) what already is cooked b) what we need at the store and c) what's coming up later in the week (see example above). I've also made grids like this one below to help me recall easy breakfast and lunch ideas on busy mornings.

Whiteboard 5 Grid
Photo by Karen Gaudette.

Step 4. Inform spouse/significant other this whiteboard exists.

Step 5. Update on the regular.

Yes, you could use an app. But it's hard to beat the power of your own (messy) handwriting. If you become a whiteboard fan, you can always invest in this.

Blank Whiteboard Kitchen Planning Grid
Photo by Karen Gaudette.

Here's to many more happy anniversaries! How will you set up your whiteboard?

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