Hershey's Kit Kat Thins Are the Crispy, Chocolaty Treat We Need

The next big thing is going small.

Every reasonable person loves chocolate and candy, but it's definitely possible to go overboard every now and then. That doesn't mean having to quit cold turkey, though. Sometimes it's just a matter of slimming things down a bit.

If you'd like to trick yourself into thinking you're eating less candy because it's a little bit thinner, then Kit Kat has something new that should be right up your alley. Starting in February, Kit Kat Thins will join the Kit Kat lineup on a permanent basis for a little bit of a lighter take on crunchy, chocolatey snacking.

Bag of Kit Kat Thins

So what makes a Kit Kat Thin, well, thin? Good question. You see, it has to do with the number of wafers you'll find inside that broken-off piece of Kit Kat bar. Normally, a Kit Kat has three layers of crispy wafers, but the Kit Kat Thin cuts that down to two, making for a 33.33 percent reduction in wafer content.

The wafers themselves and the chocolate that surrounds them are still more or less the same thing you're used to, it's just that these Kit Kats sport a sleeker, narrower profile. Does that make them more aerodynamic? I leave it up to the scientists to figure that one out.

As mentioned, you should start seeing those Kit Kat Thins pretty much everywhere sometime in February, and, unlike special limited-edition flavors, this permanent part of the Kit Kat crop isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You'll find them in 3.4- and 7.2-ounce bags, each individually wrapped for discrete units of snacking.

So if you for whatever reason find normal-sized Kit Kats intimidating, the good news is that help is on the way. And if a thinner Kit Kat can help you trick your brain into thinking that you're eating a more acceptable amount of candy, then by all means go for it.

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