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Kit Kat Raspberry Creme
Credit: Target

Update: December 10, 2020

After making it through the absolute mess that was 2020, we're all hoping that next year is at least marginally better. Kit Kat fans have the upcoming key lime pie flavor to look forward to next year, and now they can get a head start on the delectable wafers' Valentine's Day offering.

Instagrammer @FoodieWithTheBeasts recently spotted Raspberry Crème Kit Kats at Giant, which indicates that the ruby-hued treats are rolling out just in time for, uh, Hanukkah.

Original Article: January 3, 2020

Kit Kat loves to reward their fans with new flavors — and lots of rumors about new flavors. So if you love traditional crispy Kit Kat wafers, there's now another new flavor for your snacking needs. This one, however, is less chocolatey and more fruity, as it's coated in raspberry-flavored white crème. And with February approaching — hello, Valentine's Day — it's the cutest, pinkest candy bar you can indulge in to celebrate the month of romance.

You can snag the Kit Kat Valentine's Day Raspberry Crème Miniatures from Target ($3.69) or Walmart ($2.98) right now. They're individually wrapped, so you can share them with friends, co-workers, lovers, or munch on them when you want a sugar fix.

The candies have been seen at other locations and retailers, too, including Stop & Shop, so go ahead and add a bag (or two) to your grocery pick-up order the next time you're getting dinner ingredients. Consider it a little prize for being so efficient with your time.

Make sure to stock up before they're gone. And feel free to pair them with classic Kit Kats too, for when you want that more chocolate, less fruity taste.