Kit Kat Launches New Mocha + Chocolate Duos Flavor

Does this mean the U.S. is about to get even more flavors?

Kit Kat Duos Mocha + Chocolate
Photo: Kit Kat

In some countries, there are whole aisles in grocery stores dedicated to hundreds of different types of Kit Kats, with flavors like green tea and strawberry cheesecake. In recent years, the candy brand, which is licensed by Hershey's in the U.S. but owned by Nestle internationally, has begun bringing a bit of fun to the Kit Kat line, with flavors like Birthday Cake, Apple Pie, and Marshmallow, which is new for Halloween 2020.

They also launched their Kit Kat Duos line last year. The first flavor was a mint and dark chocolate Duos, and now another classic combination is hitting the market. Please welcome the Mocha+Chocolate Kit Kat Duos.

Like the mint flavor, Mocha Chocolate has two types of chocolate coating, classic chocolate on the bottom of the bar and mocha creme flecked with coffee bits on top. The two-toned bar looks like the afternoon snack of our dreams, perfect to go along with your mid-day coffee, but unfortunately this flavor won't hit stores nationwide until November. That just means it will be the perfect Christmas morning stocking stuffer.

The good news is that it is a permanent addition to the U.S. market, not a short-term special edition. They'll cost the same as other Kit Kats, just $1.11 for the standard size, and $1.66 for the king size.

We already love the mint Kit Kat and the mocha and chocolate looks just as good. It's got us wondering, what's next? We'd love to see some of the fruity flavors that are available overseas, like strawberry lemonade, or maybe something seasonal, like Thanksgiving or Christmas-centered flavor, since they seem to be dropping flavors in the fall. Whatever comes next, we can't wait to try it.

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