Grab one while you can.

Kit Kat has been baking up a variety of dessert-related flavors in the last year. In 2020, the brand released birthday cake, apple pie, and lemon crisp, all flavors that taste straight from the oven, or at least straight from the case at your favorite local bakery. But now you'll need to make room in the baked goods-inspired lineup of the wafer candies because Key Lime Pie Kit Kat is on its way.

This new flavor was a hot internet rumor last year, but Hershey's, which makes Kit Kat in the U.S., finally confirmed the sweet-tart new flavor today.

"While known for its' crispy light wafers and chocolate coating, the Kit Kat brand has also switched up their iconic pairing to bring trendy flavors to fans still using that undeniable crisp and light wafer bar," a spokesperson for the brand said.

While the Key Lime Pie Kit Kats will certainly be shaped like traditional Kit Kats — four finger-length wafer cookies wrapped in a creamy coating — you may be tempted to add a cloud of whipped topping on the candy, and dig in with a fork. We won't stop you. Enjoy that Kit Kat however you want.

But grab that fork and your bar of Kit Kats as soon as you see the candy in stores. The flavor is not a permanent addition to the candy lineup, unlike the Mocha Chocolate Duos Kit Kat. The pie flavor will only be available in stores this spring and only in the 1.5-ounce standard bar size. It will retail for $1.09.