girl with eggs

Cute as a bunny!

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Make like the Easter Bunny and hop to it with these kid-friendly Easter activities.


Cut out a green paper crown for a convincing carrot top. Roll it into a tube and secure it to a bright orange egg with Glue Dots (available at crafts stores).

orange easter egg
Photo by Gretchen Easton


Dye an egg bright yellow. Draw a face with a paint marker, then use Glue Dots to add a pipe cleaner stem and a paper leaf.

lemon eggs
Photo by Gretchen Easton


Cut a little star-shaped cap out of construction paper. Secure to the strawberry egg (use paint markers to decorate) with Glue Dots and a stem.

easter egg
Photo by Gretchen Easton

This article originally appeared in Allrecipes Magazine.