February 04, 2019
KFC gravy candle
Photo by KFC

TBH, we're here for this.

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Yes, KFC's new limited-edition candle smells like gravy. But before you commence eye rolling and mock gagging, hear us out: A gravy-scented candle might actually be amazing.

Scented candles are supposed to smell like things that smell good, aren't they? I will FIGHT anyone who tries to tell me that gravy does not smell good.

For too long we've been bogged down by society's rules about what is and what is not an acceptable candle scent.

This is how I imagine the pitch meetings at candle companies go:




"Sounds great."


"Of course. Let's do it."

"How about a savory scent?"


Seriously—how are we so fine with every sweet-smelling candle under the sun, yet so opposed to anything outside of the dessert realm.

I'd be on board with a bacon candle. Heck, I'd burn a chicken pot pie candle all day long.

I commend KFC for finally having the courage to think outside the scented candle box.

Looks amazing, right? Here's the catch: You can't buy it. You can, however, win one. Here's the other catch: You have to live in the U.K. or Ireland to enter the contest.


KFC, I'm speaking directly to you here: Pleeeeeease take the gravy candle worldwide. We need this.

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