This is one birthday you'll never forget.
keystone light beer cake
Credit: Keystone Light

Birthdays are always special occasions, usually marked by trips to favorite restaurants or cakes from beloved bakeries. For eager 20 year olds with an eye on the deadline to legally buying their first beer, the 21st birthday is a rite of passage. It often involves free rounds from friends and possibly fuzzy memories of a night well spent.

But thanks to COVID-19 and state-wide shutdowns of bars and restaurants, many kids born in 1999 have to ring in their 21st birthday at home, far from friends and favorite weekend hot spots.

Enter Keystone Light to help add a little fun to a day that's been upended by a virus.

The beer brand is creating and delivering Keystone Light can-shaped birthday cakes for 21 year olds. And, of course, they're sending $200 in prepaid cards for free beer, too. (Because what's a 21st birthday without beer?)

To enter the giveaway, consumers need to send their zip code and a summary of what their ideal 21st birthday would be — or would have been if it weren't for stay-at-home orders — to Birthday boys and girls have from April 30 to May 14 to submit their birthday cake requests (though your birthday doesn't have to be in that timeframe), and winners will be announced in late May. Cities participating in the beer cake giveaway are Denver, Dallas and Philadelphia.

You may not get to sip beer with friends on your big day, but you'll be able to eat a slice of one, and that's definitely something worth celebrating.