Finally, America gets in on more fun flavors.

Now that 2020 is (finally, somehow) over in just a matter of weeks, it's time to leave the Garbage Year behind and look ahead. While there are plenty of non-edible reasons to think that next year will bring with it better times, we're also starting to see some snacks pop up that provide even more reasons to be excited about 2021. 

Case in point: this spring will herald the arrival of Key Lime Pie-flavored Kit Kat bars, if information shared by @CandyFunhouse in Instagram is any indication. 

Your eyes don't deceive you: You're looking at the image of a lime green Kit Kat wrapper. Each break off-able piece is covered in a pastel-shaded key lime pie creme, which covers the crisp wafers you already know and love.

Usually this kind of off-the-wall Kit Kat would be exclusive to Japan, a country that's seen more than 200(!) varieties of Kit Kat over the years. For just one recent example, they're selling whisky barrel-aged Kit Kats over there, making for what sounds like the classiest candy of all time. 

However, it seems like Hershey is willing to try out more creative Kit Kats on this side of the Pacific these days. The impending existence of this key lime option seems like a natural extension of  the lemon-flavored Kit Kat Miniatures that hit shelves in 2020. In this case, it looks like Key Lime Pie is getting the full-size treatment. 

With this sort of thing, there's always a catch: In this case, it's that you'll have to wait until April 2021 to break off a piece of these Key Lime Pie Kit Kats, and they'll supposedly only be around for a limited time once they do show up, so think of them as a seasonal springtime treat. Still, as long as you stock up and store a bunch of them in a cool place, you can be eating candied key lime pie all year round. In that regard, 2021 is already looking up.