Ketchup Candy Canes Are Available Now — Because 2020 Isn't Through With Us Yet

Two other flavors, Pho and Shiitake Mushroom, are also new for 2020.

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KETCHUP CANDY CANES in a box on a two-tone yellow background with a ketchup bottle mascot
Photo: Archie McPhee

Candy creators don't shy away from trying crazy concoctions. Turkey Dinner candy corn is a thing now, as is a tropical fruit-flavored licorice Lasso of Truth. Chocolate toilet paper was a hit at the start of Covid-19 quarantine, when we couldn't find toilet paper but we still could find some humor in the whole situation. But each year, true candy aficionados know that the pinnacle of weird is likely to come from Archie McPhee and their newest candy cane flavors.

The novelty store already makes candy cane flavors like bacon, macaroni and cheese, pickle, pizza, and clam (yes, clam!), but this week, they rolled out three — and let's be honest here — eyebrow-raising new flavors: ketchup, pho, and shiitake mushrooms.

"The best candy cane to eat with French fries," says the ketchup candy cane's description. Because ketchup is red, they didn't have to venture far on the color scheme, but the site promises the red-and-white striped candy pieces really do taste like "sweet, tomatoey ketchup." A box of six is about $6, which is a bargain price for the many looks of confusion and concern you're bound to see on the faces of your family members when they break one open Christmas morning.

Archie McPhee Pho Candy Canes
Archie McPhee

Also new for 2020 is pho candy canes, which the Archie McPhee site describes as, "a reasonable pho-simile" to a bowl of steaming, savory, rich pho. The green-and-tan candy canes promise an "herby delight," which is definitely what your family will want in their stockings.

Archie McPhee Shiitake Mushroom Candy Cane box with mascot mushroom beside the box
Archie McPhee

And if neither ketchup nor pho candy canes is weird enough for you, consider the third new option from the Seattle-based brand: shiitake mushrooms, which the brand describes as tasting like "a cooked mushroom." They continue, "we know Santa is a fungi with mushroom in his heart for holiday spirit, so obviously he gives a shiitake about Christmas!" They also say this candy cane is one they feel certain "everyone can agree on," and that feels like a stretch, to be honest.

Like the ketchup candy canes, both the pho and mushroom options are about $6 for a box of six sticks. Prices vary if they're sold by third-party dealers on Amazon. So consider buying a few at once to save on shipping. Ham-flavored candy canes, anyone?

It's not clear where Archie McPhee gets its candy cane inspiration, but certainly there are a multitude of flavors for anyone who professes to love the hook-shaped sweet in all its forms. Indeed, we did try dozens last year for a candy cane taste test, including the ham-flavored option. But will a red-and-white ketchup candy cane replace the classic peppermint one, and can you convince your friends and family to pho-get about the other gifts you could have given them when they open a box of pho candy canes? Perhaps. It's 2020 after all, and honestly, mushroom-flavored candy canes don't seem all that weird anymore.

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