Missing the McDonald's Snack Wrap? KFC Has Good News for You

Finally, our crispy chicken wrap requests have been answered!

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If there's one thing we're constantly missing, it's the McDonald's Snack Wrap. While it seems like McDonald's has no plans to bring back the beloved chicken tender bundle, there's one restaurant that's capitalizing on America's love for crispy chicken wraps: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

You might recall that KFC announced it was testing chicken wraps back in 2022. The KFC wraps were available at select restaurants in Atlanta, and they were a huge hit. After the success in Georgia, KFC decided to finally add the wraps to the national menu this month.

The New Crispy Chicken Wraps at KFC

KFC Wraps

For a limited time, you can try two KFC wraps at participating restaurants. The new menu items include the Classic Chicken Wrap, which is an Extra Crispy Tender, pickles, and mayo in a warm flour tortilla, and the Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap, which is an Extra Crispy Tender, coleslaw, spicy sauce, and pickles in a warm flour tortilla.

Despite the fact that KFC announced it was "simplifying its menu" and discontinuing a few items this month, the chicken wraps will join the smaller menu, while supplies last.

If you want to try both new crispy chicken offerings, you're in luck because KFC is introducing a deal that's too good to pass up. You can get your choice of two KFC Wraps for just $5, or your choice of two KFC wraps plus a medium drink and fries for $7.99.

KFC's new items will be available to order through the KFC app or at restaurants nationwide. We're not sure how long they'll be available, so just like the Mickey D's Snack Wrap, you want to get them before they disappear forever.

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