The new Jumbo Snax come in individual packs for easy snacking.
Kellogg's Jumbo Snax
Credit: Kellogg's

Kellogg's classic cereals make great snacks any time of the day, whether you eat them dry straight from the box or slosh them in a bowl with milk. But soon, Kellogg's will be treating their cereal fans to a whole new snacking experience. New Kellogg's Jumbo Snax will feature your favorite cereals from the legendary brand as supersized, puffy snack pieces.

Picture this: Jumbo pieces of Froot Loops, filled with a blend of fruity flavors, in puffed-up snack that's crazy crunchy and fun. Apple Jacks and Corn pops will get the same treatment, with the latter adding a caramel crunch flavor for extra deliciousness. Lastly, the Jumbo Snax line will include a Frosted Flakes-inspired snack in the shape of a tiger paw.

The new snacks will begin hitting shelves in may in two major snacking sizes: a single-serving multi-pack with 12 0.45-ounce bags and a shareable six-ounce multi-serve resealable bag. The multi-pack will likely be $5.49, and the multi-serve pack will be $4.99, though more information is to come once in stores.

We cannot wait to try these new cereal jumbo packs. They are perfect for a quick snack to settle those sweet and crunchy cravings or for an after-dinner bite while you're watching Netflix.