Oh, Christmas tree! How buttery are your branches.
Keller's Creamery Christmas Tree Butter
Credit: Keller's Creamery

You might have a Christmas tree in your living or dining room, but now you can serve a mini buttery Christmas tree on your table to smother those mashed potatoes or fluffy rolls, too!

Keller's Creamery, which makes butter and spreads throughout the year, churns out popular holiday-themed butter sculptures every season. You may have seen their turkey-shaped butter sculpture on your Thanksgiving table. It's now giving way to Christmas tree-shaped butter for a festive holiday season. Each holiday butter has about eight tablespoons of butter, or the equivalent of a regular stick.

Just imagine how delicious this soft delicate butter would taste on all your holiday favorites — warm bread, whipped potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and more.

The butter is highly detailed with carved-out branches to make each sculpture look like a mini festive tree right in your home. As of now, you can purchase the Christmas tree butter in major stores throughout December, so keep your eyes out this week at big-name retailers like including Wegman's, ShopRite, and Walmart.

In the meantime, you can use up the rest of that turkey-shaped butter, if you have any left, or stick with classic butter for your morning toast or baked potato.