Your Cooking Questions Answered

Suz Boyle in Ask the Community asks: "I made a cake with white chocolate chips in it. They all sank to the bottom of the pan and stuck, making the cake nearly impossible to serve. How can the chips be suspended in the midst of the cake and not the bottom?"

Jan's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Simply tossing chocolate chips in a little flour or a bit of cake mix will help suspend them in your batter, Suz.

This flour trick helps keep other garnishes from sinking, too. Try it with nuts, dried fruits, and fresh berries before folding them into your cake, cupcake, or muffin batter.

Notice I say that flouring "helps." If your batter is too thin, the weight of the garnish will quickly pull it to the bottom regardless of the flour (blame Newton and his pesky gravity). Another way to help avoid this is to use smaller chocolate chips. Their lighter mass will cause them to fall more slowly.


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