Ice cream season is going to be a whole lot sweeter this year.

Kudos to you if you're the type of person who can make a box of Thin Mints last more than a week. For the rest of us, cookies are delivered in February, and they're all but gone by March. That leaves us seeking out our Girl Scouts Cookies fix any way we can get it, and now Keebler has given us a new way: Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mint Cones.

The all-new dipped cones, a collaboration between Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Keebler, brings together the classic sugar cone and the same fudgy dark chocolate and peppermint flavors you know and love from the cookies. The fudge-dipped cones are the first of their kind for Keebler, though GSUSA is no stranger to cookie collabs.

Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mint Cones
Credit: Courtesy of Keebler

"With the help of Girl Scouts and a little magic from the Keebler Elves, we're able to bring a delicious Girl Scout Cookie flavor to summertime," Brian Lutz, senior brand manager for Keebler Cones says in a press statement.

A 12-pack of cones will cost you about $3.69. That's a bargain for getting to celebrate cookie season all year long. You'll be able to recognize the new cones amid the sea of other edible ice cream containers both by the classic Thin Mints green and the Girl Scout Trefoil (also a delicious, if not under-appreciated, cookie).

Once you find the cones, you're left with only one question: What type of ice cream should go in the cone? Our vote? Chocolate!