The Keebler Elves Will Help You Decorate Your Cookies This Holiday Season

The Make-a-Wreath kits come with everything you need for a night of family fun.

Keebler Make-a-Wreath Cookie Decorating Kits on two-tone green background
Photo: Keebler

With trick-or-treating set to be scaled back this Halloween, one of the bigger trends to replace the tradition seems to be the proliferation of DIY Halloween kits, spanning everything from haunted graveyards to doughnuts and beyond. With the holiday season increasingly likely to be a bit more of an isolated bummer than in years past, signs point to these sorts of snacktivities sticking around as we head into November and December.

Case in point: Keebler's coming out with a new Make-A-Wreath cookie kit, perfect for parents and kids to get together and do some delicious decorating in time for the holidays. This isn't the same simple decorating process as your usual set of holiday cookies, either. In addition to everything you'd need to frost a shortbread cookie (namely frosting), each box comes with Nerds, Chewy Lemonhead, and Spree candies that can be used to add a bit of extra sweet or even slightly sour element to your traditional holiday cookie.

If you and yours don't feel quite up to the task of decorating your own cookies with little bits of candy, that's no problem, either. Keebler's also putting out Fudge Stripes Minis Wreaths, which cover mini shortbread cookies in a festively green fudge, making for a similar eating experience minus the candy and the labor.

According to some pre-release info, these Make-A-Wreath kits will be available at Walgreen's and other select retailers. They should start showing up on shelves in late October (so right about now), and you'll find them through December. At the very least, putting these together should be more satisfying than finishing yet another puzzle.

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