Sure! Why not?
Jet Puffed Llama Cactus Marshmallows
Credit: Instagram/@threesnackateers

For the most part, marshmallows aren't exactly a breeding ground for innovation. Both their quality and composition is largely uniform, with only size standing out as a real differentiator. So while the s'mores and hot chocolates of the world have gotten by just fine for years with normal marshmallows, you can't say it isn't time for a little bit of disruption. 

So… how about, uh, llama and cactus-shaped marshmallows that taste like fruit? That's what Jet-Puffed has concluded the people want, if an Instagram post by @ThreeSnackateers is any indication. 

Available in a package of vaguely summery/tropical (depending on your perspective) colors and flavors, this assortment of llama and cactus-shaped marshmallows promises "a whole llama fun," as the package indicates. As you can see from the second photo, each bag is filled with a set of color-coded lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry marshmallows that sort of resemble oversized Lucky Charms pieces. 

Obviously, the selection of llamas and cacti is a curious decision. The intense Googling that I just did couldn't turn up any photos of a real, actual llama near a cactus, though it would seem that they are technically present in roughly the same areas of western South America. Either way, their connection to marshmallows is tenuous at best. 

Still, there's no doubt that getting these fruity takes on marshmallows into your summer s'mores will mix things up a bit, adding an interesting twist to a classic campfire snack. It might sound pretty weird, but chocolate and strawberries definitely go well together, so who knows what other fruity marshmallow flavors have to offer. At this point in the weirdest summer of our collective lifetimes, what do you have to lose?

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