S'mores, no heat required.

With summer on the horizon and millions dreaming up their post-vaccination plans, visions of campfires and s'mores are starting to dance through our heads. While there's simply no real replacement for a perfectly charred marshmallow (which only an April Fool would try to buy), that doesn't mean that delicious alternatives to the tried and true campfire method exist. 

For those seeking both new and familiar marshmallow tastes in a fun format that doesn't require you to leave an air conditioned room, then Jet-Puffed's new Bites might have the makings of a go-to snack. Available in three flavors, Jet-Puffed Bites marries the convenience of chomping on marshmallows straight from the bag with the kind of elevated tastes that can turn the humble s'more ingredient into a proper snack or dessert in its own right. 

jet-puffed new bites
Credit: Kraft-Heinz

In terms of taste, most of these offer a change of pace both inside and out: Birthday Cake wraps a vanilla cake-flavored marshmallow in a white chocolate coating adorned with rainbow sprinkles, while the Coconut Bites combine a coconut marshmallow with a dark chocolate coating and flecks of toasted coconut. S'mores, of course, is exactly what you'd want it to be: a vanilla marshmallow ensconced in milk chocolate that's dusted with graham cracker crumbs for a fun deconstruction of the old favorite. 

While Jet-Puffed Bite's represent the biggest break from marshmallow orthodoxy, it's not the only thing the brand has going on as summer gets closer. They've also introduced resealable bags of regular-sized, mini, and Strawberry Joy flavored marshmallows, also designed to make these squishy bits of goodness into something more snackable. Finally, the days of biting into a stale marshmallow that's lost some of its bounce may be coming to an end. 

You'll find both Jet-Puffed Bites and these resealable bags from retailers nationwide now, in case you want to get a jump on selecting a favorite flavor. If you'll excuse me, I'll be imagining what it'd be like to put a Birthday Cake flavored Bite into a s'more for a while.