Who knows, but they look good.
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jelly belly gummies packet
Credit: Jelly Belly

For just about forever, Jelly Beans have existed in a familiar format. Though the flavors might have changed over the years (with unconventional and even intentionally unpleasant tastes coming into vogue in the 21st century), the use of a candied outer shell around a gelatinous interior has been a defining compositional element of the jelly bean. 

Somehow, it looks like Jelly Belly is ready to break free from the mold, shattering the jelly bean paradigm as we know it. That at least seems to be the case with Jelly Belly Gummies that have surfaced in recent times. Launched earlier this year, the Gummies more or less blow up Jelly Belly beans to a bigger size, stripping away the outer coating to bring the good stuff on the inside to the surface. 

As the evidence from @CandyHunting shows, there’s not just one way to enjoy these Gummies, either. Both the original Gummies and the Sours, which add an outer sprinkling of acidity, are vegan and non-GMO and obtain their colors from natural sources. In these particular sets, you’ll find bean flavors like Very Cherry, Lemon, Berry Blue, Green Apple, and (most creatively-named of all) Orange. 

Though they look tasty, Jelly Belly Gummies present an interesting philosophical quandary: what exactly is a jelly bean? At what point does tweaking the formula mean it ceases to be a jelly bean and becomes a gummy? 

Who knows, but it should be easy enough to spend some hands-on time pondering those sorts of questions yourself. The @CandyHunting post’s caption mentions spotting them at Hy-Vee, but surely they can be found at other large retailers as well as Jelly Belly's website. Whether you ultimately refer to them as jelly beans or gummies is ultimately up to you.