This sweet treat is easy to catch.
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Jelly Belly Golden Snitch
Credit: Jelly Belly

As all good Quidditch fans know, the ultimate prize in the game is the evasive Golden Snitch, a walnut-sized sphere that sprouts wings and soars through the pitch. Snag the slippery Snitch, and you've won the whole game. You're the match's hero!

One candy company just made the Golden Snitch a bit less elusive, bringing it to the masses in chocolate form just in time for the holiday season. Jelly Belly has partnered with Warner Bros. to turn the Golden Snitch into a 1.65-ounce milk chocolate replica.

The sculpted chocolate sphere embodies all the physical characteristics of the original Golden Snitch, sans wings (they're tucked safely inside, we'll assume). The Snitch's box is accented with gold foil and comes with a page of Quidditch rules that explains just how magical the Snitch you're holding is.

chocolate golden snitch on a white background
Credit: Jelly Belly

The release of the Golden Snitch marks the latest expansion in Jelly Belly's assortment of Harry Potter-inspired confections. The Golden Snitch, which will retail for about $6, won't be available until fall, but until then you can still enjoy other pieces of the Wizarding World sweets and treats, including chocolate wands, house crests, jelly slugs, and more.

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