Anyone for a Carolina reaper jelly bean?
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Jelly Belly Fiery Five BeanBoozled
Credit: Jelly Belly

If you dip your French fries in hot sauce instead of ketchup, order the hottest wings on the bar menu, and fly through bottles of pepper sauce with abandon, Jelly Belly may have just created your dream candy.

Jelly Belly Candy Company just launched BeanBoozled Fiery Five collection ($3;, a line of increasingly hot jelly beans featuring the bold and HOT HOT HOT flavors of sriracha, jalapeño, cayenne, habanero, and Carolina reaper. Each bean on their fire scale gets progressively hotter, with sriracha being the mildest and the reaper bean being a real doozy. (Be warned — it'll certainly set your mouth on fire!)

This new Fiery Five collection is available on and at retailers nationwide like Amazon ($5.40;, where BeanBoozled Fiery Five lets brave taste-testers explore the world of peppers one bean at a time. So, do you dare try to handle the heat of the newest Beanboozled challenge? Then go for it! And maybe have a glass of milk nearby to wash it down in case you're in over your head. (Dairy helps combat spice ASAP.)

If you think others should experience the fiery delight, you can even order 48 individual boxes of the Fiery Five ($105; to pass out to friends and family. Want to delight a party with a fun game? Order the spinner game, which lets participants spin the wheel to determine their spicy fate ($10; and $7.49;

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