Jack in the Box Just Released a Face Mask That Smells Like Fried Chicken

In honor of the new "Unchicken Sandwich" they're currently testing.

jack in the box chicken face mask
Photo: Jack in the Box

By this point in 2020, even the most conscientious among us are probably getting a bit tired of wearing a mask in public. After all, just because it's an important public health measure doesn't mean anyone actually enjoys smelling their own foul breath bouncing back at them.

Thankfully, food companies seem ready to answer the call and make at least one unwelcome aspect of this rough year at least a little more tolerable. First, there was the Hormel bacon-scented mask. Now, it looks like Jack in the Box is following suit.

To celebrate the test launch of their "Unchicken Sandwich," Jack in the Box figured the best way to convince consumers that this plant-based alternative is close enough to real chicken is by letting them wear a face mask that smells like chicken. With each breath through your nose, you'll get a whiff of tasty fried chicken. This marks the first time that Jack in the Box has made a sandwich with faux meat, as well as the first time they've made a face mask that smells like meat.

UnChicken Sandwich
Jack in the Box

In terms of both the sandwich itself and the marketing of chicken-scented products, Jack in the Box seems to be following in KFC's footsteps. Last year, KFC forged a partnership with Beyond to become the first big U.S. fast food chain to pursue plant-based chicken. They've also released a gravy-scented candle and fried chicken-scented fire logs, plus a chicken bath bomb in Japan.

Still, Jack in the Box (along with bacon mask maker Hormel) deserves props for tackling a uniquely 2020 problem with help from the smell of chicken. It's also a sign that plant-based options could become the next major front in the Great Chicken Sandwich Wars.

The chicken scented mask will be available online beginning October 23rd, and you can find the Unchicken Sandwich as a test item available at Reno, Nevada and Monterey, California area Jack in the Boxes (or is it Jacks in the Box?).

Now if only there was a way to wear a mask with the scent of both chicken and bacon without completely suffocating yourself…

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