Grillo's Pickles and Ithaca Hummus Teamed Up to Make Pickle Hummus — Here's What You Need To Know

Plus, how to make it yourself if you can't get your hands on any.

Ithaca Grillos Pickles Hummus
Photo: Ithaca/Allrecipes

Brand collaborations have our hearts and this new one from two fan-favorite brands, Grillo's Pickles and Ithaca Hummus, is no exception. The pair have teamed up to create a brand new pickle-flavored hummus just in time for summer ­— AKA the unofficial start of pickle season.

The new Ithaca Grillo's Pickle Hummus combines the fresh, cold-pressed hummus with the crisp and iconic taste of Grillo's garden-fresh pickles. And it's not just for dipping. Oh no, you can spread this dill pickle hummus on sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers — which means it's perfect for all your summertime barbecue needs.

The hummus, which costs $5.49, is only available for a limited time at retailers across the nation so make sure to scoop some up while you can! It's currently only available at select stores, like Whole Foods, Hannaford, Fresh Direct, Stop & Shop, Price Chopper, Tops, Market Basket, Safeway Seattle, NCG, and Big Y, but more retailers will be stocking up on the hummus throughout the summer.

So, if you can't get your hands on a coveted container of the pickle-flavored hummus goodness, no worries. We've got you covered with how to make your own dill pickle hummus at home.

How to Make Dill Pickle-Flavored Hummus

Making your own hummus is super simple. All you need is a couple of ingredients and your trusty blender or food processor.

Start with user Royhobb's Real Hummus recipe, it's an easily adaptable Allrecipes community favorite. All you have to do is swap out the the lemon juice for 4 tablespoons of pickle juice and as many chopped pickles as your heart desires (we recommend about ½ cup). Blend the hummus together. Then after its transferred to the bowl add one tablespoon of fresh dill to the mixture alongside the salt, pepper, and olive oil. And instead of garnishing with the reserved garbanzo beans, garnish the hummus with even more chopped pickles.

Serve it up with pita chips, pretzels, and veggies for dipping. Or add it to a sandwich, hamburger, or hot dog for a pickle flavor with a creamy texture. Once you try it, you'll be finding excuses to add this delicious hummus to everything. We promise if you bring a batch to any summer gathering it'll disappear quickly and you'll understand why pickle hummus is a pretty big dill.

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