Is Your Grocery Bill Normal? (infographic)

If it feels like you're paying more for groceries every year, you're right: The average grocery bill for a family of four has risen 55 percent over the past 15 years. Groceries now account for 6 percent of American families' spending—the third-highest household expense after housing and transportation. So how much does a typical family spend?

How Big is Your Family?

See how your bill stacks up to these national averages:

  • $989 - family of 4
  • $625 - family of 2
  • $284 - 1 adult

Where Do You Shop?

Grocery shopping is growing beyond the walls of the local grocery store, and where you spend your money might be related to your age. Here's where the generations say they bought groceries in the last 30 days:

  • Grocery stores: Boomers 92%; Gen Xers 89%; Millennials 85%
  • Mass retailers/superstores: Boomers 79%; Gen Xers 87%; Millennials 90%
  • Club/warehouse stores: Boomers 50%; Gen Xers 44%; Millennials 42%
  • Specialty/health stores: Boomers 34%; Gen Xers 36%; Millennials 39%
  • Online: Boomers 3%; Gen Xers 4%; Millennials 6%

Check out more in the infographic below - including a drill-down into what the average family puts in their cart (processed foods #ftw!), and get three pro tips on how to save money on groceries.

Money Matters Infographic

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